Careof / DOCVA, Milan, 2013

Solo residency at Careof, Organisation for Contemporary Art and DOCVA, Documentation Centre for Visual Art, Milan.

Working with the three naturally delineated sections of the space, part of the gallery was my studio for the month to show and experiment with materials-in-progress for new work, in the middle space I presented a new multi-channel TV edition of my video work Citizens: Teasel and Scabious, and the back area of the gallery was dedicated to The Agent RiA project, screening a programme of new works by selected artists from the registeredinart channel.

Some images:


the release (detail), 2013. (painted and hand-cut felt, 5m x 1.5m)

Citizens installation:
3 (silent) monitors each played a sequence that focuses on a different physical dynamic from Citizens: Teasel and Scabious. The script was posted on the gallery walls, in Italian translation, and was also available as a booklet in English and Italian for visitors to take away.


Citizens, the 3 monitors, installation Careof, Fabbrica Del Vapore, Milan

The Agent RiA screening programme:
Invited to participate in the FDV Residency Programme, I used part of the space for The Agent RiA platform, installing a sofa and projected screening programme of new work by artists selected from those with previous work hosted on the registeredinart channel.

this image: Sonotoki, Amanda Belantara