2-person show with Stuart Bennett, curated by blip blip blip, East Steet Arts, Leeds. 7-28 February 2013.

video still, Citizens footage

For this site-specific installation, I reconstructed my previously single-channel video work, Citizens: Teasel and Scabious, using both re-edited and un-used footage to focus on the aspects of work, repetition and the absurd from the original video.

The exhibition space was lit only by the projectors and monitor (below). Two projections high-up the gallery walls show two men in uniform (Teasel and Scabious) silently following each other along repetitive corridors as they circle the space. Below on the Hantarex monitor, industrious, kneading hands provided the sound in the space and included a Spanish voice-over of one man’s memories of his family home. The English translation was in vinyl-text on the wall.


Above: Images show projections, monitor with sound, vinyl text (3.8m X 1.2m). (also seen: x2 digital prints, wall drawing by Stuart Bennett)


(detail) Scene 7: Scabious  (3.8m X 1.2m) / (detail) Kneading (with sound) Hantarex monitor

Elements :

a collaborative process for publication: through conversation, Stuart and Lyndsay identified 13 words that relate to both their works; they each responded with 13 images. These visual remarks were then mapped out on the pages of the catalogue. The images relate to their processes of thinking and discussing the work prior to the exhibition

Formed Where Found publication (PDF)


Citizens, Scene 3: Teasel (edition print), Leeds