Lyndsay Mann is an artist based in Scotland working predominantly with moving image, sculpture and writing.
Voice is a key material.

In her work, Mann explores forms of knowledge that assert authority, such as dominant social narratives or scientific findings, to examine ways that these infiltrate our intimate experiences and future expectations (of ourselves and others). Through conversations and interviews she conducts, reading, accessing archives and hosting public forums, she connects with people involved directly and tangentially to the themes of a work. She researches extensively, positioning methods and behaviours that sustain authority in close relationship with the embodied, subjective experience of individuals.


Recent exhibitions and events include: Seeing Systems, videoclub + ArtScience Museum, Singapore; Utter, Utter, Utter, Cooper Gallery, Dundee; Character Double, LUX Scotland; >>FFWD, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai;  The Extended Voice, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin; Say-so, Glasgow Film Festival 2016 w/ MAP; Viewing Voices, Edinburgh International Film Festival, supported by Scottish Documentary Institute, LUX, London, University of Edinburgh; Lyndsay Mann, (s0l0) Careof Center for Contemporary Art, Milan.


Mann recently completed a practice-based PhD at Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh. Titled Voicing Uncertainty, this project examined forms of voice in moving image that disrupt hierarchies of discourse, and developed processes of production that harness these forms of voice to create platforms for lesser-heard and uncertain voices. Her PhD was co-supervised in Philosophy of Mind by one of the world’s leading cognitive scientists and philosophers in the field, Andy Clark, Professor in Cognitive Philosophy.

Mann currently tutors on the BA and MA Fine Art courses at Edinburgh College of Art, UoE, with focuses on voice, artists’ moving image, research practices, and sculpture.



Stepping-Out, 2009 (video still: artist with brain)